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Lift solutions

Electric protection, control units, emergency power supply, landing door security control, shaft and cabin lighting… discover our solutions for all your lift installation projects.

On demand, we study your projects and conceive the best solution adapted to all your needs.

Mobile work sites / Events solutions

Discover our series of electric solutions for all your power supply and lighting needs for all your temporary work sites and events: sockets box, switchgear panels, distribution panels,  crane supply panels…

For all other queries, we complete a thorough study to answer all your needs and requirements specifications.

Renewable energies

Our renewable energy experts have decided to offer you a series of normalised and complete AC – DC protection shelters for all your photovoltaique installations. With a simple query, we may also create an offer of tailored equipment adapted to the specifications of your installation

Solutions for agriculture and husbandry

Because lighting, in agriculture, is essential, our engineers have conceived an offer for all your needs. we know that lighting has a huge impact on the well being of your animals and have thus carefully developped a special range of products combining high performance, low energy consumption and reliability.

Water management

We offer a range of standardised boards and boxes for the protection and management of your pumps from 0,75kW to 55kW.

Above 55kW and with a simple query, we can conceive a cabinet to fulfill you required specifications.

Outdoor hospitality

Our team of technicians has selected for youa range of products for outdoor hospitality: main power supply, distribution cabinets and terminals, lighting…

With a simple query we create an integral solution adapted to your installation!

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We are always looking for new talents to join in our development.

You are a cable fitter/editor, an electrotechnician or electromecanic, apply now!


Strengthened by 25 years of experience and to better represent our know how and our trade, we have made the choice to change our name. Henceforth Accord Diffusion become SOLU-WATT.

Electrical products and solutions

Better understand our profession through technical forms. Choose my electrical equipment, know our work site cabinets, discover the photovoltaic cabinets or understand the new SAE regulation (Sécurité Ascenseurs Existant)… we explain it all!


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