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Three-phase AC-DC protection box – from 6kVA to 9kVA

Single-phase AC protection box – 3kVA to 6kVA

Three-phase AC lightning arrester box – 6kVA to 9kVA

Three-phase AC protection box – up to 36kVA

Solar box for Enphase micro inverter

DC protection box for 3 to 5 photovoltaic strings

DC photovoltaic cabinet for 1 to 5 strings

Bespoke AC protection cabinet

Photovoltaic shelter

Self-consumption cabinet

My tailor-made photovoltaic cabinet

Elevator machinery box

Elevator protection box – Local power supply pulley box

Choosing your emergency power supply

12V Emergency Unit

230V Emergency Unit

LED emergency unit

Lift shaft lighting

Lift cabin lighting

My tailor made worksite cabinet

My tailor-made electrical cabinet for campings

Tailor-made control room switchboard

Light Dimmer

Customize your electric box as you wish with Charly Robot!

New: LED fixture with quick connector

Plastic Distribution Cabinet

General Meter kit

Emergency block for LED ribbon

LED Strip + Tube

Rubber Floor Box