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DC protection box for 3 to 5 PV strings / 1 MPPT tracker

For your photovoltaic installations, our technical design office has designed a DC protection box for 3 to 5 photovoltaic strings + 1 MPPT tracker. All our boxes comply with the UTE C15-712-1 guide (product validity certificates available on demand).

Coffret de protection DC de 3 à 5 chaines photovoltaique

This pre-wired DC protection box will be installed downstream of the photovoltaic panels and close to the inverter.
> Modular box.
> Choice of material: plastic or polyester.
> Protection class: IP65 / IP54
> Impact resistance: IK08 / IK10
> Size: may vary depending on the model chosen
> Standardised signage according to UTE Guide C15-712-1


Standardized make
Wide range of choices

A wide range of available products!

Each DC protection box is customizable according to your needs and integrates a DC surge protector and a general cut-out. Choose your open circuit voltage and operating current rating. Compose your own DC protection box by choosing from our wide range of components!
Cable routing for connection on the inverter side is via cable glands or MC4 multi-contact connectors and connection on the string side via MC4 multi-contact connectors.
Assembled and tested in our workshops in France
Data sheet and lightning arrester instructions supplied included in the box.

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