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All-in-one solution: emergency power pack, power supply and ribbon connection cable!


Emergency block for LED ribbon – XBS50MLED

The XBS50MLED emergency block is compatible with our range of single-line LED ribbons (3m and 10m). In the event of a power failure, our box ensures that your LED ribbons are kept in emergency lighting (8%) for 3 hours and allows the building to be evacuated safely.
Easy assembly thanks to its 4 integrated fixing brackets. The 8m cable at the cabinet outlet allows you to easily connect your LED ribbon line.


– plastic casing 300x220x120 – IP65 with external mounting brackets
– voltage ON indicator – IP55
– test button on the front panel
– box entirely protected by a RCCB and disconnecter switch on the front panel, to allow you to work on the box in complete safety.
– 230VAC power supply input via 13.5mm² cable gland and connection to terminals
– connection of the ribbon to a quick connector outlet of the box, for easy setup.
– power supply on terminal block (N/L/L’) for lighting management via a switch or clock if required
– 3 hours of autonomy for a maximum ribbon length of 50m
– designed and assembled in France

Double line ribbon version, please contact us.

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