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An elevator car must remain permanently lit as soon as a person enters the cabin. In the event of a power failure, a minimum lighting level must be maintained to avoid any additional agitation. You will thus need lift cabin lighting.
We therefore offer a selection of lighting products to illuminate your lift cabins while saving energy and ensuring soft and clean lighting.

Eclairage cabine ascenseur : pavé LED

LED square

Light up the inside of your lift cabin very easily while saving energy as well! Our LED square is the ideal product to create soft and non-aggressive lighting. Its sleek design gives you a discreet and efficient lighting.


Solid aluminium rear plate,
for optimal heat dispersion

One-person setup!

Thanks to its holding system, the LED block can be mounted by a single person. Place the LED square on the roof of the cabin.
The system will keep it in place until you can position yourself on the roof of the cabin.
Our advice: high visual comfort and discreet design

> No flickering and UV radiation
> Aluminium body and frame, no visible screws after installation
> Adhesive drilling template provided, you will no longer make mistakes!
> Different mounting options for subceilings and overhangs
> Other types or sizes available on demand

Spot LED anti-vandale

Vandalism proof LED spotlight

Our LED spotlight can be equipped with a vandalism-proof collar, to be installed over the classic spotlight! It can be easily installed by a single person and from inside the elevator car. A distributor allows you to quickly connect up to 6 LED spots. This LED spotlight is specially designed for lift cabin lighting and is very easy to use.


Quick and easy installation and connection
Fixing of the vandal-proof flange from inside the cabin

Our extra: the vandal-proof glass and its quick installation!
> High brightness 5W LED spotlight
> 2 vandal-proof glass colours available: brushed nickel or white
> Vandal-proof safety glass
> 3-point fixing in sub-ceiling cabin by a single person
> Quick connection of up to 6 spots on distributor

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