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Lift shaft lighting

“In order to protect the operating personnel on the car roof, in the shaft or in the trough, […] an elevator shaft lighting system must be installed” (Decree of 18 November 2004, New Safety Regulations for Existing Elevators).
Because safety is a priority, our engineers have worked to design products that meet these requirements for elevator shaft lighting.

ruban LED

the new flexible LED lighting!

Light up the inside of your elevator shaft very easily and save energy! It is the ideal product for homogeneous and efficient lighting and it is our favorite!


Connection of up to 5 LED strips in series, providing up to 50m of brightness!

– Protection class: IP65 – IK08
– Power supply of the kit: 230V – 50Hz
– Rated power: 7.6W/m single or 12W/m double
– Color temperature: 4000K
– LED ribbon length: 3m / 10m / 50m
– Brightness :  ≥350lm/m single or ≥950lm/m double

Connexion rapide éclairage flexible LED

Sturdy connection, quick and secure
Clip and turn, its connected!


Emergency block for LED ribbon – XBS50MLED

The XBS50MLED emergency block is compatible with our range of single-line LED ribbons (3m and 10m). In the event of a power failure, our box ensures that your LED ribbons are kept in emergency lighting (8%) for 3 hours and allows the building to be evacuated safely.
Easy assembly thanks to its 4 integrated fixing brackets. The 8m cable box outlet allows you to easily connect your LED ribbon line.

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Easy installation
Reduced installing time

– plastic casing 300x220x120x120 – IP65 with external mounting brackets
– voltage indicator – IP55
– test button on the front panel
– box entirely protected by a differential circuit breaker and disconnecter switch on the front panel, to allow you to work inside the box in complete safety
– 230VAC power supply input via 13.5mm² cable gland and connection to terminals
– connection to the strip through a quick connector outlet of the box, for easy installation
– power supply on terminal block (N/L/L’) for lighting management via a switch or clock if required
– 3 hours of autonomy for a strip of 50m max
– designed and assembled in France

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Réglette LED étanche 180°

Cette réglette est équipée d’un système de fixation par clipsage permettant sa rotation à 180°. Très pratique pour orienter le flux lumineux dans le sens souhaité ! Connexion rapide entre les différentes réglettes par connecteurs avec verrouillage mécanique.


Système de clipsage rapide du luminaire.
Rotation à 180° de la réglette.

– faible consommation, technologie LED
– luminosité : 1500lm
– corps et diffuseur : polycarbonate
– dimensions compactes pour installation dans espaces restreints, gaines grillagées
– temps d’installation réduit et pose facilitée par un système de clipsage rapide
– pré-câblage de 1,30m sur un côté et 1,30m de l’autre
– câble souple HO7RNF 2x1mm² (pose en gaine hors goulotte)
– connecteurs IP20 – 2 Pôles – avec verrouillage mécanique
– durée de vie ≥ 15.000 heures
– produit livré dans un emballage individuel, notice de montage et sachet d’accessoires

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