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Photovoltaic Shelter: our compact solution for your photovoltaic installations

Solu-Watt offers you its “Plug and Play” PV technical room through its range of shelters:
> Our photovoltaic shelters are designed to contain a Low Voltage Main Switchboard, the inverters and their DC boxes (if required).
> It is the most economical industrial solution for solar energy conversion, installed outdoors between the photovoltaic park and the low-voltage network.
> Our range of photovoltaic shelters consists of a complete infrastructure with a surface area of less than 5m².
> Available power: 100kWp or 250kWp
> AGCP option available on request, to ensure selectivity between protections
> Continuity of guarantee of the inverters in our plant, approved by the manufacturer


Quick on-site installation in less than half a day
Have your inverters delivered to our workshops, we will install them for you!
Pre-wiring for quick connection of your inverters

An economical and easy to implement concept!

Our photovoltaic Shelter range has been specially studied by our technical office with the aim of designing an economical industrial solution that meets your needs. Because for us every detail counts, every part of the composition has been studied to facilitate handling, installation and connection of your shelter to your photovoltaic installation.
Our shelters comply with the standards :
– Low-voltage electrical installations NF C15-100
– Photovoltaic installations connected to the public network UTE C15-712-1 (version 2013)
– Waterproofing EN 60529 and sturdiness EN 50102
– Lightning protection NF C17-102

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