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Coffret de protection AC pour onduleur monophasé - de 3kVA à 6kVA - photovoltaique

Single-phase AC protection box for 1 inverter / from 3kVA to 6kVA

Standardized make
French quality and manufacture!
Quick installation.

For your residential photovoltaic installations from 3kVA to 6kVA, we have designed a single-phase AC protection box for 1 inverter. All our boxes comply with the UTE C15-712-1 guide (product validity certificates available on request). This pre-wired AC box will be installed downstream of the inverter and close to the grid meter (TT-TN type).

– 1×18 modules box with transparent door
– protection class: IP65
– shock resistance: IK08
– size: 200 x 200 x 120mm
– standardised signage according to UTE Guide C15-712-1

French quality and design!
Each single-phase AC protection box, composable according to your needs, integrates an AC part with short-circuit and overcurrent protection (choice of rating), personal protection and lightning arrester (choice of type and discharge current).
The cable passage for the connection is made through cable glands and the connection to the network is on a terminal block.

Assembled and tested in our workshops in France
Electrical connection diagram and AC lightning arrester instructions included in the box.

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