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Coffret de protection AC-DC triphasé / de 6kVA à 9kVA

Three-phase AC-DC protection box / from 6kVA to 9kVA

Reduced installation time!
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In order to complete its AC-DC three-phase protection box offer, our team of technicians has designed a box for your photovoltaic installations from 6kWA to 9kWA (three-phase). All our boxes comply with the UTE C15-712-1 guide (product validity certificates available on demand). It will be installed close to the inverter and grid meters (TT-TN type).

– 2×12 modules (in 1 tracker version) and 3×12 modules (in 2 tracker version) with transparent door.
– protection class: IP65
– shock resistance: IK08
– Size: 318 x 383 x 142mm / 318 x 507 x 142mm
– standardised signage according to UTE Guide C15-712-1

A sturdy case that adapts to your needs!

Each three-phase AC-DC protection box, which is tailored to your needs, integrates a DC part with switch-disconnector, lightning arrester and an AC part with protection and lightning arrester.
An internal partition separates the AC part from the DC part. A connection system for input/output of the box is provided with, as an option, MC4 multi-contact connectors and/or cable glands.

Assembled and tested in our workshops in France
Data sheet and instructions for AC and DC surge arresters included the box.

* The DC surge protector is not mandatory depending on the Keratin level (Nk) of the installation and the length L of the DC cable between the PV panels and the inverter (UTEC Guide 15-712-1: L = 1150 / Nk). If this is the case, please let us know.

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